Our History

Nat Feinn & Son and the Fenn Way Farms trademark were founded in 1947 in Fresno, California. A family-owned business, Nathan Feinn (d. 1961) and his son Charles (d. 2002) started their tomato business in a raisin packing plant on Santa Fe Avenue after decades of selling produce throughout the country.

Nathan (Nat) Feinn, an east coast native born in 1890 in Waterbury, Connecticut, got his start in produce in the 1920’s in and around New York City. In the decades to follow, Feinn found himself brokering tomatoes from Florida, Mexico, and Cuba before working deals in and relocating to California by the 1940’s. Here in the Central Valley, is where Feinn and son Charles decided to call their business home. 

In 1953, Feinn’s granddaughter and Charles’ neice, Margot, and her husband Sam Finkle (d. 2019) joined the family business after moving their family to California from the east coast. After Feinn’s passing in 1961, Margot and Sam continued to lead the helm of the family business. 

Image of Nat Feinn and his wife

1957. Nat Feinn with his wife, Miriam in their San Francisco apartment.

Nat Feinn & Son’s first repacking shed in Fresno, California.

Starting in the 1960’s, Nat Feinn & Son began to grow their own vine ripe tomatoes alongside other produce such as bell peppers, squash varietals, green beans, and cucumbers. The company then expanded their reach in the 1970’s by working with local farmers to grow even more fresh produce to include sweet Italian red onions, cherry tomatoes, chile and chile peppers. 

By the 1980’s, Nat Feinn & Son handled local produce all year round having found success with local farmer partnerships and supplementing tomato supply with purchases from throughout California, Mexico, and Florida. And in the 1990’s, Nat Feinn & Son launched their clamshell cherry- and grape tomato packing operation, continuing to this day.

In 1983, Byrne Finkle, son of Margot and Sam, joined the family business full-time leading the sales team after college and a few trips around the world. Byrne had previously spent his summers working at Nat Feinn & Son since the age of 13! Following his great uncle’s passing at the age of 85 in 2002, and his father’s passing at the ripe age of 91 in 2019, Byrne now leads Nat Feinn & Son. 

Today, Nat Feinn & Son is headquartered on Topeka Avenue at Midland Cold Storage… just across the street from Santa Fe Avenue where it all started over 70 years ago! 

Midland Cold Storage at 944 S. Topeka Avenue

photo of nat feinn, sam finkle, and charles feinn

1950s. A photo of Nat Feinn (far left), Charles Feinn, Sam Finkle, and their foreman Bill

nat feinn letter

A Look Into The 60's


1990's Holiday Party

Blossom Feinn, Carmen Rings, Charles Feinn

Blossom Feinn, Carmen Rings, Charles Feinn

Margot and Sam Finkle

Margot & Sam Finkle

Margot Finkle, Amelia Davila, Charles Feinn, Blossom Feinn

Margot Finkle, Amelia Davila, Charles Feinn, Blossom Feinn

Blossom & Charles Feinn

Blossom & Charles Feinn

Carmen Rings and Modesto Bazan

Carmen Rings and Modesto Bazan

Packing Line

1 st Alan King is preparing to cut Sugar Cane into 8 inch pieces

Alan King is preparing to cut Sugar Cane into 8 inch pieces

Solange Bazan and Doty are packing the cello wrapped Sugar Cane

Solange Bazan and Dotty are packing the cello wrapped Sugar Cane

Produce Beyond the Valley

Produce Market in Tokyo 1986

produce from elsewhere tomatoes image

image of a truck

Sugar Cane Delivery, Fiji 1982

image of vegetables

Produce market in Penang Malaysia, 1986

Produce selling at a farmer’s market outside of Marrakech Morocco.