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You can call it a Sunchoke, Earth Apple, or Jerusalem Artichoke but either way it is delicous! It looks a lot like ginger, but tastes more like a potato. Here are five things you probaby didn’t know about Jerusalem Artichokes:

1. They are related to Sunflowers.

In fact the actual Jerusalem Artichoke that we eat is the root of a plant that has a flower that looks just like a Sunflower. They are named Jerusalem Artichokes because the Italian word for sunflower is “girasole” which means “turning to the sun” and was somehow later corrupted into the word “Jerusalem.”

2. Jerusalem artichoke is often recommended as a dietary supplement for people suffering from diabetes.

It has been suggested that eaten frequently it reduces the blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. Jerusalem artichoke works as a blood sugar stabilizer for people with Diabetes by creating a natural insulin effect in the body. A reduction of cholesterolmia has been reported in diabetic subjects receiving a diet supplemented in fructo-oligosaccharides.

3. Explorers Loved It

Jerusalem artichoke was cultivated in North America about 400-500 years ‘ago, and the Lewis and Clark expedition ate Jerusalem artichokes provided
by Native Americans during their journey across the United States. Also,
The first written account of the plant was a report issued in 1605 by Champlain, a European explorer, who observed Native Americans growing Jerusalem artichoke along with corn and beans in a Cape Cod garden.